Madder Root Soap – Reporting Back…

If you are an avid Soap Making Resource follower, you may remember a tutorial from a while back explaining how to use madder root in soap making for coloring homemade soap red.  Click here to review that full tutorial.  By the way, you can sign up for the newsletter here if you still need to do that.

As promised, I would like to report back on how our madder root soap is doing.  Did it fade?  Did it discolor?  Did any mold or other rotting develop?  I think it’s important that as I demonstrate how to use each colorant to also show how it changes over time.

I’ve been keeping the soaps from our natural colorant tutorials in a cardboard box behind one of our shelves in the warehouse.  Away from all light.  You can see me below opening the cardboard box to take a peak at what lied inside… I was actually pretty excited to see whether or not the color produced by madder morphed.  And if it did change, what did it look like now?

Opening Madder Root Soap Box

next is a picture that I took, of one of the madder root soap bars after pulling it out of storage.  It’s a pretty color, isn’t it?  I love the red produced by madder root!  In fact, the red heart that I used to demonstrate the tray mold was also colored with madder root.  You can see that picture on this page of

Madder Root Soap

Well, it’s been about 3 months since making this soap colored with madder root, and I am pleased to say that they look exactly the same as they did when first created!  I went through all the batches and all the shades.  So far, after a quarter of a year, they are identical in color with no noticeable changes.

Well… Actually, when coloring soap with madder root, the color will have more of a violate shade for the first few days.  So, more accurately, it looks the same as after day 3 or 4 once the PH levels settled down and the red hue appeared.

So, I think it’s safe to say that madder root is a natural soap colorant that is not prone to quick fading.  Pretty cool!

I will tell you… the key to retaining the vibrant color of all colorants, both natural and synthetic alike is to keep them in a dark area away from all light.

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5 Responses to Madder Root Soap – Reporting Back…

  1. Diane says:

    I made several batches of soap recently with madder root…both adding at trace and infused. The color(s) are beautiful–from a peachy pink to a brillant fuschia! At first (in the soap that I added the madder root at trace) it stunk!! Whoa, but it did settle down after 2 weeks and it so lovely! I love using madder root! Thanks Steve for your tutorials!

  2. Judy says:

    The soaps I have made with madder root have come out lovely – and I thank you so much for showing me different techniques. I now keep jars of infused oil on hand. Your tutorials are great! Thanks for taking the time and being such a thorough teacher.

  3. Hi Steve, I’m using madder root for the first time. I’m making a small batch of soap today, 60 of oils. So is it right that I would infuse 21 oz. of madder root into the olive oil before adding it to the other oils? I want a darker color, and I know that on Soap Resource they said it was not too much to use 35% madder root to the total oils. Somehow that seems a little scary. Got an opinion?

  4. I got this figured out. I did not use 35%, but what I did use turned out absolutely PERfect! Thanks for your advice. Your photos could be updated, for they don’t adequately show the great color one gets with the varying amounts of madder root.

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