Miller’s Smorgasbord – homemade soaps


Miller's Smorgasbord

Recently, I had the privilege of dining with one of my good friends at the wonderful Millers Smorgasbord. A Lancaster County classic.  Man… if you want some delectable home-cooked comfort food, then this is the place for you!

I also browsed the gift shop area, where of course, I found some handmade soaps and lotions available to purchase.  See them below:

Handmade Soap at Miller's

Miller’s also produces their own line of homemade jams and jellies that look absolutely amazing.

Jams and Jellies at Miller's

Millers Smorgasbord is one of my favorite restaurants in the area, but I haven’t been able to go for some time as they were closed for remodeling.  The new decor is very nice.  Their wall paper now prevalently displays the companies 82 year history.

It all began when Mrs. Miller started a small business serving chicken and waffles to truck drivers passing through the countryside back in 1929.  Now it is a multi-million dollar conglomerate of several Lancaster County attractions.

Reading about small businesses stories, set backs and successes is always very inspiring to me.  I look forward to the coming years as my company develops its very own story that maybe will have the privilege of inspiring others one day.  I wonder what the next chapter will be!

One Response to Miller’s Smorgasbord – homemade soaps

  1. Crystal says:

    Hi Steve,

    I recently joined your forums and have enjoyed your newsletters and recipes for sometime now. I had to write in to object to the Camille Beckman products you found at Miller’s being termed hand made. While their products are truly excellent quality and made in America, they are not, by any means, made by hand – They are very much made in factories for mass distribution. (We have an outlet store nearby, if you’d like to try any at a discounted cost.)
    Thanks so much and I look forward to more of your newsletters, tips and recipes!
    Crystal Sverdsten
    Nampa, ID

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