Charcoal Soap Recipe

Charcoal Soap Recipe

Just the other week, I created a charcoal soap with a marbled affect using my favorite charcoal soap recipe.   Turned out very nice I must say!  I especially liked the peppermint essential oil and anise essential oil blend.  I’m kind of a sucker for anything anise!  

I am still waiting to see if the scent fades as many soap makers say that activated charcoal powder will “eat up the aroma”.  I haven’t experienced this yet with this soap or with any of my other charcoal soaps, so I am starting to wonder if that’s yet another soap making myth.  In fact, I have charcoal soap that is about 8 months old.  It is all charcoal, without a swirl, and it still smells just about as strong as it did since day one.  Interesting!

Anyway… I am excited  for it to fully cure so I can start using those bad boys.  Of course, I tried a bar or two already as I couldn’t wait the 6 weeks for it to harden to my desired level.  I just needed to check out its lather and feel.  I have such a difficult time waiting through the cure!  Nowadays I am trying harder to let at least some of the bars fully cure before I start using them!  Self-control Steve!  Good luck.

3 Responses to Charcoal Soap Recipe

  1. Nancy Thomas says:

    Hi Steve,

    I do like your swirled charcoal soap. I too have made some but with just the anise. My swirl looks good but I was a little heavier than I wanted. I called my soap Gunsmoke because it has a smoke looking effect.

    I have also made some charcoal soap scented anise last Halloween. It was a bit dry but the scent did remain strong for a long time. I gave it all away so not sure if it is still strong. I have plans to make more this year. My Gunsmoke soap has been over 6 months and it is still smelling great! I find that some people really like the anise scent and that quite a few do not like it at all. Thanks for all your information.

  2. jen says:

    I do not like the anise smell . Just found site today and I love it thanks

  3. Janelle Miller says:

    I’ve never heard of filling soap with charcoal. What is the benefit of charcoal in soap?

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