Joni and Friends Banquet

Hi Everyone!  I went to a wonderful fundraising banquet a few nights ago for Joni and Friends organization.  An NPO that I am heavily involved with.  It was a splendid evening in which I had the opportunity to meet with old friends and hear the inspirational stories of those involved with the organization.

Joni and Friends is a ministry focused on helping families affected by disability.  Just a few of their organized events include the running of family camps during the summer months, the delivery of thousands of wheelchairs all over the world through “Wheels for the World” and meaningful retreats for wounded warriors and their families.

Here’s a picture of me ironing my clothes in preparation for this event… Yes… I do know how to iron; I think!

Ironing clothes for Joni and Friends banquet

And the finished product:

Joni and Friends Banquet

Joni and Friends organization has been very near and dear to me for over a decade and I am thrilled to have the privileged to offer my meager contributions.

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