Our Soap Making Oil Shipment is Here!

Hi everyone!  We just got our soap making oils shipment in early last week and we are all stocked up for the 4th quarter.  It’s always an adventure trying to get these 400 plus pound barrels into the warehouse.

Below is a picture of us trying to roll the oils up to our loading ramp.  This is only Greg’s 3rd week as part of our team and as you can see, he is already being introduced to the physically demanding side of running Soap Making Resource.  He was a great sport though and more than willing to help!

Soap Making Oil Shipment

And here we go down the ramp!

Rolling Oils Down Ramp

It would be a piece of cake if the truck could only make it into our loading dock on the other side of the building. Unfortunately, however, because the oil truck is so long, they can’t quite make the turn into the dock without their lift gate scraping against our parking lot. Understandably so, the driver does not want to take the chance of destroying his equipment for our delivery. So… consequently, the oils are dropped into the street and we have the opportunity for a mid-day workout trying to get them into our facility.

If there is one thing that I have learned in business, it is to expect the unexpected and be prepared to improvise. Flexibility is key and adapting is imperative if you want to run a successful business. Whether it is something simple… like a truck not fitting into your loading dock; or something a bit more complicated, like re-creating your business to succeed within new market norms, finding a way to adjust to your current landscape may be the difference between success and failure.

Next time we are getting an oil shipment in, I am going to be sure to bring an extra shirt. Talk about working up a sweat!




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  1. Monica Reuss says:

    Great workout Greg! The builder in me sees a lift (post mount leaving the ramp but with a 3 or 4′ set back landing) using pick-up truck lift gate… Back to production, marketing and order shipment : ) then the extra shirt could be white

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